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Stephanie Steeman

Dermatologist Hoorn

Doctor Stephanie Steeman (BIG 29915248901) has been working at Mohs Klinieken since January 2020. After studying Pharmacy in Utrecht for a year, she completed her medical studies at the Free University of Amsterdam. She then gained experience in dermatology and general surgery before completing her training as a dermatologist at Flevo Hospital and AMC. She is an enthusiastic and committed dermatologist in which she derives her satisfaction not only from the oncological and practical aspects of the profession, but also from general dermatological care and the associated social aspects. Dr Steeman enjoys outdoor sports, eating out, travelling, reading and music. She has a family with two children.

Function Dermatologist Hoorn
Specialty General dermatology, skin cancer, dermato surgery, phlebology
Education 2005 Medicine University of Amsterdam 2013-2019 Specialisation as a dermatologist, Flevo Hospital – AMC
Training 2012 doctor assistant dermatology Westfriesgasthuis, 2013 doctor assistant surgery/general surgery BovenIJ hospital

2021: Fellowship Mohs-chirurgie in Mohs Clinics

Working days Wednesday, Thursday, Friday